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Focus on Balak, Peepoodo and Bobbypills in this web interview made by russian 2x2 TV channel.

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2019-08-16 press peepoodo
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New "BOBBY BLAH BLAH" on our Bobbypills' Youtube channel!
We talk about our favourite animated shows available on Netflix (France).
Introducing Micheline, our (animated) announcer!
(and so, we only speak in french)

We're coming next week on Annecy festival

- Crisis Jung in Official Competition !

Episode 1 "Despair" in TV Films in Competition 4 program

Screenings on Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 4pm, Thursday 2h30pm, Friday 11h30am.

- Bobbypills x Adobe Panel !

Thursday 13 June (15:45 > 17:00) / Impérial Palace (Rotonde de l'Europe)

Adobe invites us to talk about our process and goals, with special focus on the Vermin (trilogy) and Crisis Jung series, made with Adobe tools. We'll also unveil new projects, including Princess Apocalypse, co-created by Balak.

Speakers : Alexis BEAUMONT, Yves "Balak" BIGEREL, Baptiste GAUBERT, Jérémie BONNOUVRIER, Marc AGUESSE.

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