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We're proud to present the concept trailer of Nymphopolis, a new Bobbypills animated series project created by Estelle Charrié and Alexis Beaumont !

Available on Youtube and Vimeo !

Synopsis :

While she thinks she is enjoying a perfect life at Zeus' side, a young nymph named Ingenue falls from Olympus. Under the thick cloud layers, she discovers a gigantic city where women are confined to a very special fate. Refusing to submit to this established order, she seeks a way to come back to Zeus. On her way up she will have no choice but to confront a whole Pantheon of Gods and thus lead the city towards revolution.

Trailer directed by Estelle Charrié.

Produced by Bobbypills.

With the support of : CNC, SACD, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Procirep - Angoa.

2021-03-26 series nymphopolis
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Yeah ! 2-pages focus on Bobbypills & Bobby Prod studios in french magazine Cinema Teaser

2021-03-24 press
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BOBBYPILLS animation studio is hiring artists for a NEW SECRET SERIES !

It includes strong retro vibes (that's all we can say, for now).

Apply now ?

2021-02-23 studio
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