Crisis Jung

Series (10 x 7')

Created by Baptiste Gaubert and Jérémie Périn

Written by Baptiste Gaubert, Jérémie Périn, Jérémie Hoarau and Laurent Sarfati

Directed by Baptiste Gaubert and Jérémie Hoarau

Welcome to a world ravaged by explosions of violence, a world without love. Jung, the broken-hearted hero, pursues his quest: reunite with Maria, his lost love, savagely decapitated by Little Jesus. He can count on the support of allies met along his bloody path, encounters that provide an understanding of others, but especially of himself. He also has to deal with his “violent outbreaks,” an incontrollable curse that springs from his murderous soul.

Broadcasters :
France : Blackpills, Netflix, Free
Belgium : Telenet & Voo (Zuny)
Korea : Fillcon
Spain : Movistar

Awards :

Fantasia 2018 (Canada) : Audience Award : Best Animated Feature - Silver

Phenomena Fest 2018 (Brazil) : Apophenia Award (Best Animated Feature)

Morbido Fest 2018 (Mexico) : Bronze Skull

Festivals :

Press :

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